It may be possible Gambhir Take over captaincy from Dhoni

Saturday, 9 June 2012

Captaincy debate: Should Gambhir take over captaincy from Dhoni?Ever since Gautam Gambhir led Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR) to an amazing victory over Mahendra Singh Dhoni’s Chennai Super Kings in the final of IPL 5, calls for Gambhir to take over the Test captaincy have gained momentum. Bit odd it may sound, but it is the case. Gambhir was down and out after two harrowing Test series abroad and was duly replaced by Virat Kohli as the vice-captain of Team India. But, after leading KKR to IPL glory, he has again staked his claim as the man to replace Dhoni, who looked out of sort as a skipper in the two devastating series in England and Australia. 
Whatever one has seen of Gambhir so far, he looks like a good captain. He is aggressive, leads his men from the front, and backs them to the hilt. By his own admission, he knows what insecurity does to a player, and so tries to address the issue by creating an atmosphere inside the team where everybody feels secure. No doubt, this is another very good quality the Delhi lad possesses. A player, who is not out and out talented, and who had to fight really hard to cement his place in the team, should be a better captain than someone who knows very little about failure. 

Despite having scored heavily in the first class level, Gambhir remained in and out of the team. It was not until 2007-08 that he finally established himself. He knows how difficult success comes in international cricket and does not want to fritter it away. The ruthlessness of Gambhir on the field comes from this very fact that he understands that there are no free meals in international cricket. The fundamental difference between Gambhir and Dhoni emanates from this very fact. 

For Gambhir, winning is everything. He can go any distance to win a cricket match. Like his batting, he subscribes to the theory of ‘winning ugly’ when he leads a cricket team.

Dhoni, on the other hand, has his own qualities. His capability to remain cool under tremendous pressure is unique in itself. The way he confronts challenges, the way he delivers the knock-out punches in crunch situations testifies the inner grit that he successfully hides on the cricket field. His statesman like demeanor on and off the field earns respect and makes him a leader of a national team. His sportsman spirit allows India to become a perfect team to dominate the world without being arrogant.

Is Dhoni not as ruthless as Gambhir? The approach may differ but the fact is that Dhoni is equally brutal as a captain. One may argue that he is not as attacking in Tests as he is in ODIs and T20s, but his brand of captaincy has worked in Tests too. Apart from the last eight Tests in England and Australia, Dhoni also did well as a Test skipper; even leading India to the No. 1 rankings for the first time. 

Team India’s abject surrender in the last two Test series was due to their batsmen’s utter inefficiency against fast, short and moving balls, and not because of their captain. No captain in the world, not even the legendary Mike Brearley, could have saved them the blushes. Apart from Rahul Dravid in England, no Indian batsman has done well in Tests, not even the man-in-demand Gautam Gambhir.

The English and Australian bowlers repeatedly took advantage of his technical deficiency against fast rising balls outside the off-stump. In eight Tests, which India lost and which have put a question mark over Dhoni’s credibility as a Test skipper, Gambhir has scored just one fifty, an 83 in the second innings on a batting friendly Sydney pitch. It looked intriguing but Virat Kohli’s elevation as the vice-captain in place of Gambhir in Asia Cup that followed after the Australian tour was not without logic, for he was the only Indian to score a Test ton, while both the future captains-Sehwag and Gambhir- struggled terribly.

Though it would be very foolish to compare opener Gambhir’s batting with that of wicketkeeper-batsman Dhoni, who comes to bat at No. 7 and has another important role as wicketkeeper, in that respect too Dhoni has bettered Gambhir with three half-centuries with two scores of 70s in Birmingham Test and one unbeaten half-century at Sydney. 

Should Dhoni be replaced as the Test skipper only because of the abject failure of the batsmen in the team? Should he be punished for his team’s failure? India won’t be playing Tests outside the sub-continent before December 2013, which will be a perfect cakewalk for them. Dhoni or Gambhir, whoever captains India, will, in all probability, lead India successfully. But can the change in leadership guarantee India’s change of fortunes, especially on bouncy tracks and swinging conditions? 

As Gambhir says, a captain is as good as his team. We should rather try to improve our team than engaging ourselves with the debate of captaincy. What are the reasons that our youngsters can’t play short balls? Why can’t we produce a fast bowler who can play international cricket for two full seasons? Why can’t we find a single quality spinner to replace Harbhajan Singh? Unless we find answers to these questions, Team India’s woes will continue.
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First T20 Win of Australia Tour after four test and one T20 loss

Friday, 3 February 2012

Melbourne: some bad bowling field on the solid and steady batting and even open relationship, click for country India in their first win on tour on Friday under the visitor registration.


India defeated Australia by 8 wickets in the 2nd T20I in Melbourne, the two-match T20 series level 1-1.

Openers India Gautam Gambhir and Virender Sehwag started cautiously but gave to the India his best start of the tour. The duo is put on 43 runs. Sehwag was the most attack the two before falling to 40-year-old spinner Brad Hogg. He scored 23 to 16 bowls.

It was India's best opening in viewers for 10 last away international innings, the highest since Parthiv Patel and Ajinkya Rahane  stand of 52 in Cardiff on september 16, 2011.

Output Sehwag fortunately unable to start any collpase this time as Gambhir then combined with Virat Kohli put on 54 runs for the second wicket. By the time departed Kohli (31 to 24 balls), exceeding a delivery to wicketkeeper Matthew Wade Mitchell Marsh, India needs 35 runs in 38 balls.

At no. 4, in walked Captain MS Dhoni, who promoted himself up the order, to ensure there were complications for India on Friday.

Gambhir and then go on to make his half-century in his 7 T20 internationals even lent his support to Dhoni.

India needed just one run before the beginning of the 20th over but Australia has not yet given easily. Gambhir played three dot balls to give the Indians a few nervous moments before finally hitting a four off the last ball of the match to give India a third his first taste of victory on the tour.

Gambhir remained undefeated on 60 off 56 balls while Dhoni chipped in with 21 off 18.

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India found the spark they had been looking for all summer with a exciting and skilful in the limiting Australia 131 in the Second Twenty20 at the MCG. Ravindra Jadeja was the catalyst with a couple of excellent run-outs, while Rohit Sharma also threw down the stumps and MS Dhoni completed a lightning stumping.

Their work in Australia feel left the field with a constricted flow far from the border, it was in the first game. Useful innings from Matthew Wade and Aaron Finch gave Australia the bowlers something to defend, but after George Bailey won the stake and chose to bat, dismissed in 20 above was the display that he wanted from his men.

Australia was dismissed with two Balls to spare parts, when Xavier Doherty was run thanks to sharp work from Suresh Raina, whose throw was collected by Dhoni. It was the fourth Run-out of the innings and this meant Australia had lost 4 to 10 since the beginning of the 19th over, with Brad Hogg have been trapped lbw for 4 off Richard Sharma ball before Doherty  's run-out.

Wade had made 32 of 28 balls when he pushed to cover and led only to be reactivated by Lee, and excellent direct hit of Rohit  had Wade short despite his full dive. Next ball, Clint McKay edged back out for a golden duck Vinay Kumar and Australia's hopes of a wave of execution options late took even more of a dip.

A 26-run stand, but the loss of the mighty Marsh damage have you had some hope during the calf and Mitchell Marsh together. He was at a loss from Rahul Sharma: Dhoni captured close to the stumps, and not give the ball in his gloves, he had to barely move deposits from whip and find Marsh just out of his ground for 13.

Australia was in trouble early as impetus for India to keep finding ways to take wickets. David Hussey, saw two of its partners, before he was caught and bowled 24 of 29 field if he bowls in the front of the back end of the Jadeja lobbed. It had been operational, with Jadeja, India appears rarely in series type in both the Run-outs of sharp.

The big wicket was that Aaron Finch, who was at the top of the order, together with David Warner and showed their power sent six fours, which led through the communications were. Finch has launched something drives and cuts off and the wide and at one stage he had brought together more than 100 international Twenty20, but it runs without dismissed quickly change.

Finch was Hussey caught short when pushed into the close and try for a single wasn no throw Jadeja of turns the ball from 36-Pack Finch 23 and Captain George Bailey off soon afterwards when he steered the ball to Hussey is overcommitted behind where Jadeja collected and threw to the end of bowler with Bailey (3) short distance.

Australia's innings of Warner, who when he is in the ball was caught in the deep midwicket off Praveen Kumar brownie points, early loss to a bad start with 8. Virender Sehwag and Dhoni his second wicket to give the ball up Praveen ms parried miserable, Shaun Marsh  ' in his second Ball duck with summer, an edge off first slip, except loose production.

Marsh is one of the three inclusions for the Australia, with Finch and Clint McKay. James Faulkner, Daniel Christian and Travis Birt were left side which won the first game in Sydney on Wednesday, while the India no changes.rd in rejecting Clint Mckay. No there was no sign of life here and the Australians have reversed to 19.4 overs.

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Cricket Pitch Covers - Cheap Best Mobile Cricket Pitch Covers

Thursday, 19 January 2012

Cricket pitch lid protects the creases or whole step, including the outfield in minutes. Loss of income due to the large matches closure is unacceptable in the twenty-first century. Cricket box Cover is a product of 21 to make the rain stopped play in the past.

You can now completely prevent wicket and outfield from the air by using cricket pitch cover either cover the rain (or snow cover) or in fact just a precautionary measure to drain from the cricket pitch covers can be utilised to prevent too much water to the surface are called cube played great and long rainy Crick outfield cut delays or cancellations directly causing the problem.

The fact that the cricket pitch coverage takes less than 10mins to cover or uncover both the wicket and the outfield means a rapid resumption of play. It is often used by ground-staff to assist in the germination of new grass, and as it is implemented it will give the effect of a roller, you give yourself the surface you are looking for. By gently inflating Match saver cricket pitch, and cover with hot air, you can prevent the phenomenon of frosting in a fraction of any other type of soil heating system.

It covers four types of cricket pitch with different applications for each. Our early waterproof/covering the table made of polyethylene or PVC. These custom covers to suit your needs. Each finished with footnotes cover booster, or ayilates, or bands d stainless steel seat belt webbing, and drag the handles on-demand.

The second cover our waterproof covers prevention of condensation and transpiration in hessian underlay  is used in conjunction with our style.

We manufacture the third-the lid is made of the cover, a clear polyethylene germination. This cover is used in most colder months the suns rays, thereby contributing to the growth of turf to increase the temperature of the soil.
The last cover consists of shade cloth density of 70% and is used in the construction or reconstruction of wicket. The cover prevents sperm from being wiped or washed away by rain and stops eating birds from the seed.

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